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Law Enforcement and First Responders

Providing specialized equipment for all levels of LE, Fire, and EMS. For the Patrolman, SWAT Operator, Firefighter, and EMT.

Capabilities Statement

As our warfighters protect us from abroad, it is the effort of our Law Enforcement and First Responders that keep us safe at home. MIG GOV Tactical understands the plight our local LE and partners with manufacturers specific to their mission; innovating equipment to ensure the safety of our Officers, Firefighters, and EMS both on and off duty. Have your agency reach out to MIG GOV Tactical for equipment and procurement solutions.




Quality. Commitment. Trust.

Your Agency deserves the best quality, care, and pricing. Please fill out as much information as you can provide for your requirement and we will have a MIG GOV Representative contact you within 24 hours.

Featured Products

We are excited to share our latest product selection to equip you on your next mission or support your current one.

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